El Grande Goes to Canada:  APMA Annual Conference & Exhibition 2018

El Grande Group participated in this year’s APMA Annual Conference and Exhibition. This event hosted by the Auto Parts Manufacturers Association brings together the top players in the industry to share with automotive companies their experience and commercial offerings.

This year the theme of the event revolved around disruptive players in C /AVs, Industry 4.0, AI, Additive Manufacturing and Smart Factories. These elements are transforming the global automotive industry and that should be known by their exponents to be up to date on new technologies and advances in this industry.

Additional Takeaways:

  • In the midst of political uncertainty, Apma displayed solid entrepreneurial support and leadership.
  • Canada demonstrated that it continues to be a great business environment for NAFTA players.
  • APMA showed magnificent opportunities for growth and consolidation of the industry with worldwide assistance.

El Grande Group brought its most experienced business developers, with a combined forty years of experience in the international business arena. Their mission? To make the Canadian market aware of the advantages of investing in a country as competitive as Mexico, the low operating costs offered by this country, its excellent workforce, government support to the investor, and above all the facilities that the El Grande Group has for ensuring the growth of your business in Mexico.

For the second year in a row, the El Grande Group took the lead against its competitors with an incomparable offer, intelligence development of specific markets, an attractive model of sales development, customer service, and financing.