Companies in the United States spend significant amounts of money on administration and human resources. According to Bersin by Deloitte, HR budgets average about $3,000 USD on each employee per year. In order to cut spending in these departments, many U.S. organizations have taken to expanding their manufacturing operations into Mexico. The results have been savings and efficiency, allowing companies to reap the benefits of skilled yet affordable labor and access to a flexible workforce.

The manufacturing and business experts at El Grande Group have the ideal solution to maximizing profits in your company without sacrificing quality work and qualified HR personnel. We understand that business fluctuates, therefore the demand of employees or administrative “back office” can shift throughout the year.

By expanding your manufacturing business into Mexico, you will have access to our valuable administrative resources that can help make the hiring process easier and quicker.

A Network in Manufacturing

El Grande has years of experience and existing connections within the international manufacturing industry. Our group has access to a workforce of skilled, educated, and trained workers. With our connections, we can make sure that the most eligible individuals are appointed to your company whenever you need to fill positions.

We will work with your business to integrate specific training and retention programs that will give future employees the knowledge to work efficiently under your company’s regulations.

Flexible Workforce

In the United States, strict labor laws make the hiring and firing process time-consuming. El Grande’s network and ability to help your nearshore manufacturing business attract skilled workers makes it easy to fill positions when your company sees growth.

As your business fluctuates, you should be able to level out spending by reducing the volume of your workforce or increasing it during demand with ease and comfortability. Our nearshore manufacturing experts at El Grande Group can offer experienced assistance in administrative processes that make your decision to expand, profitable and worthwhile.

Affordable Salaries

Companies spend a lot on the salaries of their employees. The minimum wage in the United States is $7.50 but in Mexico, it is less than $5 USD. This means that you will significantly reduce spending on salaries by expanding your operations into Mexico.

United States companies also spend a lot on budgeting out health insurance costs and legal fees per employee as required by labor laws. However, in Mexico, this is not necessary. Mexico has its own set of work laws and regulations.

El Grande’s administrative support will guide you in the specifics of Mexican labor laws. The reduced spending on salaries and employee insurance will cut expenses by a landslide.

El Grande Group has the experience to ease your administrative costs and concerns while improving the quality of your workforce.

Expand your manufacturing operations nearshore with the dedicated professionals at El Grande Group. Let El Grande Group help make your vision a reality.