Hannover Messe is one of the leading organizations for introducing industrial technology, automation, robotics, and logistics topics to growing markets around the world. It is also the largest industrial tradeshow in the world, bringing together different countries and companies from all around the globe with a focus on intelligent manufacturing and digital transformation.

Mexico is the first Latin-American country to be invited to participate as a Country Partner and showcase its Industrial 4.0 Strengths. Because of Mexico’s impressive showing in Hannover Messe 2018, it will now hold the “Industrial Transformation Mexico” event, where topics such as renewable energy, logistics, smart manufacturing, human capital, environmental capital, and competitive advantages will be covered. The Marketing Heaven agency will be in charge of the social media campaign, which is, due to attracting as many participants as possible, an inevitable part of such an event.

The Industrial Transformation Mexico event will include conferences, live demonstrations, B2B meetings, and training programs aimed at professionals from the automotive, aerospace, electronics, food and beverages, packaging and logistics, and metalworking industries. Visitors from Mexico and neighboring countries will have the opportunity to learn how to digitalize their factories and plants.

There will be an estimated 150 exhibitors and over 4,000 visitors in attendance. The venue will take place at Poliforum Leon in Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico from October 9th-11th.

Learn more by visiting the Industrial Transformation Mexico website.