Industrial Park and Intelligent Support Services

El Grande knows that complete control of your manufacturing Operations is important. From design of a product through all phases of production and final shipment to your customer, we work seamlessly with Clients to ensure their focus can remain where it needs to be — on product and production.   El Grande’s expert staff provides ‘non-manufacturing’ but ESSENTIAL services needed for a successful operation.

El Grande
Intelligent Support Services

  • Gated 151 acre, 862,000 sq. ft. Certified Industrial Park
  • On-site IT, Security, Medical Facilities, Day Care, Recreation Areas
  • 22 – 39,192 sq. ft. production facilities with offices
  • For smaller manufacturing space needs, a 33,583 sq. ft. building may be subdivided into  smaller production facilities.

We know that one size does not fit all.

There are many ways to operate your manufacturing operation in Mexico. Our program offers are intelligently tailored to meet your specific needs. Whichever configuration of services will help you achieve your goals, we have the expertise to help you analyze and implement the program that’s right for you.

Talk to us about other Specialized Services

  • Real Estate including construction & Infrastructure
  • Custom Shelter & Build-to-Suit
  • Materials Sourcing Assistance
  • Financing and Equipment Leasing

Full Service Shelter


  • Offers the greatest ease of operation, long run cost efficiencies and protections.

Custom Shelter

  • A tailored shelter program of the specific group of services needed.
  • In or out of main park.

Real Estate

  • 40 acres in Zone 1 with 22 leasable unit.
  • Zone 2 & 3, 30 and 81 acres, respectively, available adjacent to Zone 1 for those who wish to be in the Park and benefit from the amenities and in-place infrastructure, but have particular needs and/or special build-to-suit requirements.

Human Resources

Services include:

  • Analyze staffing requirements
  • Selection, recruiting, screening, and hiring.
  • Development of skills and training programs, including coordination with local universities and tech schools for industry specific career program development.
  • Coordination of a formal Busing and Transportation program for employees
  • As part of our human resources department, we provide an on-site medical facility and services for our employees.


Payroll and Benefits

Administration of payroll, salaries, taxes and all benefits. Maintaining and reporting data for Labor statistics and analysis. Mexico labor law compliance and reporting. Preparation of client reports.


As the legal entity of record, El Grande’s expert staff ensures that Mexican taxes, licenses, and duties are paid and reported. Provide timely current financial reports per Mexican and US GAAP. Verification and compliance with International and Domestic trade tax laws. Provide monthly analysis and reporting of all expenses by department, purchases, and tax deductions and payments in US Dollars (USD) and MX Pesos (MXP). Provide monthly analysis of P & L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow statements.


Under our shelter program, El Grande becomes the importer of record. We control and administer a comprehensive import-export program including tariff classifications, duty determinations, systems and data management, permits and certification, regulatory compliance and reporting, and assistance with U.S. customs compliance. We keep a strict inventory and control of all imports and exports to ensure the statutory cycle is complete.
We analyze and ensure clients use and take advantage of all the tax benefits available under the NAFTA and other International free trade agreements.

Facilities Management

Our industrial buildings are FM certified units. Our facilities group is in charge of keeping our facilities in perfect shape and operation.

Park Management and Security

Our world-class certified industrial park is a gated community providing best-in-class manufacturing facilities for clients. We provide timely, comprehensive maintenance and continual facility improvement programs managed by our Group of experts. We also work with security experts to bring the most appropriate security tools on the market, including the use of cameras and access control programs, selection of security personnel, schedule verifications, and methods to collaborate with authorities.


Procurement Services

Quality, availability and reliable vendors are important to you. By negotiating and securing discounts with suppliers/vendors, El Grande helps leverage maximum purchasing power and benefits of shared resources for the MRO items purchased in Mexico. An individualized sourcing system is designed for your current and future needs, and a network of local and foreign vendors is planned with clients to maintain the best sourcing and procurement flow available.

Labor Relations Management

Our program encompasses:

  • Hiring and Terminations according to MX laws.
  • Ensure MX Immigration compliance by foreign workers and maintaining a relationship with their foreign embassies.
  • Our Group works with Mexico’s only ISO 9000 certified Union. We follow a 20-year tradition of working together and sharing a zero-conflict tradition. Clients benefit from El Grande’s long term and proven Union relationship.
  • Affirmative action in hiring of disabled or special need personnel

Workforce Transportation

Because Mexico’s public transportation can be limited in industrial areas, we team with Transportation Companies in order to develop specialized routes to and from main housing areas. The park has a dedicated bus area and keeps routes organized to guarantee efficiency. Special hours and shift extensions are handled routinely by our team, we accommodate buses and routes according to budget and needs.

Client Services

Our extensive knowledge of Mexico helps welcome clients and guests. Client Services include:

  • Travel and accommodation arrangements
  • Agenda Planning for initial trips in
  • Short and Long Term housing arrangements
  • Recommendations and guidance for Legal, Accounting and Money Management services for Executives and Family
  • Guidance and information on local schools
  • Local purchase guidance (groceries, pharmacy, cars, utilities, moving and more)
  • Social recommendations (clubs, memberships, events and more)
  • Amusement guidance
  • Health Service recommendations (hospitals, medical clinics)
  • Advice on Communications services (internet, cell phones, phone services, cable TV and more)
  • Executive transportation services
  • Recommendations for Domestic services (plumbing, cleaning, electricity, carpentry and more)
  • Special requests
  • Ask for our complete Client Services Guide in your next webinar or visit to our park.


Information Services

Based on a solid, reliable infrastructure, our IT department works with our clients in order to develop and maintain networks for their daily use.

Industrial Safety Compliance

An on-site specialist works with clients to keep all standards in compliance with Mexican Law. Audits are attended by our staff in order to reduce visits and develop good relationships with Authorities.

Government Community Affairs

El Grande has developed a well-structured government and entrepreneurial network in order to have access to information, events of interest, education boards, chambers and more.
El Grande is an important member of CANACINTRA (National Industrial Chamber), the HR Chamber among other important groups.
El Grande has strong ties with Guanajuato State and the Municipalities of Apaseo El Grande and Celaya in order to promote and maintain a collaborative environment.

Enviromental Services

Environmental Rules compliance from the beginning. Our program includes:

  • Federal and State Environmental Laws including (SEMARNAT equals OSHA)
  • Municipality Compliance
  • Water Commission Compliance
  • CFE (Electricity Commission) Compliance
  • SCT (Secretary of Communications and Transport) Compliance
  • Social and neighborhood standards
  • From the beginning, El Grande ensures acquisition of all permits and licenses needed to operate in the Park. These permits and licenses are maintained and registered by El Grande and open to audits from authorities when required. El Grande keeps such records and attends to all requirements.

Reporting — Statistics

Technology now allows access to real time data anywhere in the world. Our clients enjoy having a specially designed data room with all the desired files on hand. Our IT Department receives information from our specialists and uploads the desired information to be accessed by the authorized executives of the company.
El Grande provides various statistical and informational reports including:


  • Labor (Recruiting, selection, hiring, termination, workforce transportation and payroll reports)
  • Environmental
  • Utilities usage
  • Union details
  • Procurement reports
  • Leasing statements
  • Maintenance records
  • Import-Export
  • Accounting
  • Other requested information needed by the client.

El Grande clients keep focus on the elements that build the company’s
earnings and maintain control of their operation.