We do more than move freight.

We provide expert counsel and assistance to help you navigate through the Import-Export and Logistics process.

Our Logistics Team provides an integrated program offering complete project study to help develop a global logistics strategy.



Coordination by a special team assigned for the correct determination of Harmonized Tariff Codes for parts and final products.

Analyze the most efficient, economical routing for parts and finished product, contributing to bottom line profitability.

Evaluate your company’s eligibility of the most financially advantageous  application for all Mexico’s trade agreements, including NAFTA.

Ensure compliance and use of all NAFTA rules and Rule 8 to prevent unnecessary payment of duties and help prevent the risk of penalties for non-compliance and errors.

Access to reliable cost-effective transportation providers for supplies and finished products for Over the Road, Ocean, Rail and Air Shipments.

Offer two strategic border-crossing points, World Trade and Colombia Solidarity Bridge (Laredo). Utilizing the Fast Lane on both, wait times for Customs/Crossing are significantly less (approximately 1 ½ hours) as opposed to up to 3 hours on regular lanes. A contingency plan is in place, with 2 additional border-crossing options, Piedras Negras-Eagle Pass International Bridge and Reynosa-Pharr International Bridge.

Support the border operation with 3 cross-dock facilities, Eagle Pass, TX – Laredo, TX and Pharr, TX. El Grande provides reliable, efficient, cost-effective cross-dock services.

Contact us to arrange a webinar and find out more about manufacturing in Mexico and how El Grande can assist your company through the due diligence and decision making tasks ahead, and how you can lower costs, maintain excellent standards and be successful in a Mexico operation with El Grande.