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All 3 countries in North America reached an international Free Trade Agreement in September 2018, finally ending a year-long period of negotiations regarding NAFTA terms. This new trade agreement will regulate over $10 billion in commercial exchange between all 3 countries, which is why the ratification of this agreement must be settled this year. What…

When thinking of selling into Mexico, a few of the things that businesses are concerned about include avoiding putting their company in legal danger and not being able to meet the demands of the rigorous “Just-in-Time” culture that Japanese, US and Canadian companies have established over the past decade. There are a few steps that need to be taken into consideration to facilitate the decision on how to setup operations that best suit your company’s and your clients’ needs.

Is outsourcing production to a foreign country difficult? Many manufacturing executives might say yes. But the truth is working with manufacturing and business specialists like those at El Grande Group can help to greatly simplify the process.